white as ash - ricercar [Orfeas-Zyklus]

Benzaquen Hall, Dimenna Center, NYC
Audio and video by Braund Studios

"'Isn't there a chance they might find her one day? They found those other two . . .'
Nuto was sitting on a low wall and watching me with his stubborn eyes. He shook his head. 'No, not Santa,' he said. 'They won't find her. You can't cover a woman like that with dirt and just leave her. Too many men still drooled at the thought of her. Baracca took care. He had us cut all the dry branches we could find in the vineyard and cover her over. Then we poured gasoline on her and lit it. By noon it was all ash. The mark was still there last year, like the bed of a bonfire.'"
- Cesare Pavese, the Moon and the Bonfires

Premiered by Renate Rohlfing at the 2015 Loretto Project in Nerinx, KY. Dedicated to Jana Luksts. Jana has since performed white as ash - ricercar multiple times - Toronto CA, New York, St. Johns, CA (Sound Symposium Festival), Viitasaari, FI (Time of Music Aika), Darmstadt, DE (Darmstadt IMD), and Thessaloniki GR. This piece is a continuous work-in-progress with Jana Luksts.