Tertsina [piano trio + voice(s)]



Update: 04/25/19

Tertsina was a short work for piano trio originally composed in 2014 for the trio of Jana Luksts, Tyler James, and Lucinda Chiu at the Zodiac Festival in Valdeblore, France. The piece received an admirable performance (and improvised cadenza) from the three players, and yet because it was a fragment of a larger work that had yet to be composed (with a much larger form yet to be rendered by my timepoint), I was unhappy with the composition as a standalone piece and retracted it from any performances or circulation until the full piece could find a suitable home and performance situation. This is also not considering that my beloved original trio of Jana, Tyler, and Lucy are so geographically displaced I could never hope to put them back together.


I am fortunately able to announce that the piece will find (possibly) two performances next year (2019) as a part of two composer collective concerts I have affiliated myself with (in one case, founded). This has been a long concept in development (5 years now!), and I am so relieved that the full work will find a home with one of if not my most beloved group of friends and performers here in NYC. I couldn’t ever possibly hope to complete a work so initially dear to me without the fulfillment by friends and colleagues equally important to me. My pieces are harsh yet intimate (but not autobiographical).

This final realization of Tertsina will fulfill a formal conceit of three “ταφ” works for subsets of the piano trio.