10. New Harpsichord Work for Wesley Shen

I am delighted to officially announce that Canadian harpsichordist and pianist Wesley Shen has commissioned a work for solo harpsichord, to be premiered in 2019. The work is graciously commissioned on behalf of the Canada Arts Council.

Wesley and I have been in touch now for several years to make this project happen, and the collective planning for a work such as this has been a huge process. Contrary to popular thought, there is a massive collection of works written for the instrument in the 20th-21st centuries. However, composing for harpsichord in a way that actually captures the psychology of the instrument is extremely challenging. More on this in a post to come.

The working title of the piece is:

[ξ]-φορμιγχ-ξυσμα [m. spagna/κυριε εκεκραξα]
(In English)
[ksi]-formigx-ksisma [motet spagna/kyrie ekekraksa]