6. 2017-18 Fulbright Fellow to Greece

As many of you know, for the past two years I've been quietly studying Byzantine and traditional Greek music (in addition of composing harsh, inaccessible chaosmusik), and have had the pleasure of taking classes in the Hellenic Studies Department at Columbia. I'm proud to announce that these undertakings have culminated in my heading to Thessaloniki this coming Fall to conduct research at the University of Macedonia as a Fulbright Research Fellow. I will be working with the talented ethnomusicologist, Eleni Kallimopoulou - my research will be centered around documenting traditional mainland Greek folk forms (post-Ottoman), and examining issues of national identity in modern Greek classical composition. Greece's Fulbright program is the oldest in Europe (1948) and the second oldest in the world (Phillipines) - It is an honor to receive this funding, especially at a time when the United States seems to be prioritizing other interests.