constellation (1-a) - breath.pneuma/spiritus (1), from [Orfeas-Zyklus]

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constellation (1-a), composed in the Spring of 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece,

is the second of four movements of the [Orfeas-Zyklus] for solo piano, commissioned by pianist Jana Luksts. This movement, composed in tandem with become/desiccated, is a “sister” piece in its like formal content with the middle section of the accordion work [constellation (1-b)], and is modular with the fourth movement of the [Orfeas-Zyklus] piano pieces, constellation (1-c).

Ahi vista troppo dolce e troppo amara:
Così per troppo amor dunque mi perdi?
Ed io misera perdo
Il poter più godere
E di luce e di vita, e perdo insieme
Tè d’ogni ben più caro, o mio Consorte.

The work calls for a speaking/vocalizing pianist and the rendering of an abstract solo part for thunder sheet - taking place during the second half of the piece. Originally conceived on a small Sabian thunder sheet, which resembles more of gong than a traditional sheet, the piece can likewise be rendered on a bell plate, or a traditional thunder sheet and bell plate in tandem, as pitch production is paramount.


Constellation (1-a) adheres to the (now long outdated) formal logic of the [Orfeas-Zyklus] works, conceived in 2014 - but is likewise inspired by the structural component of Stephen King’s The Wind Through The Keyhole - that of the “story within the story.”

Jana Luksts premiered constellation (1-a) at the Pallas Theatre in Thessaloniki in the Spring of 2018, as a part of one of the concerts I organized in conjunction with the Contemporary Music Lab AuTh. during my Fulbright. She has since performed the work at Sound Symposium Newfoundland and will perform the work in Stuttgart this coming year. constellation (1-a) was recorded at the Dimenna Center for Classical Music, Cary Hall, by Daniel Baruch (audio) and Mariano Wainzstein (video).