3. Mazaraki, Despina: The Popular Clarinet in Greece

I have uploaded an abridged scan of Despina Mazaraki's seminal, out of print, and very, very hard to find Το Λαϊκο Κλαρινο Στην Ελλαδα for FAIR USE by anyone who is interested. One cannot find more thorough research pertaining to regional stylistic idioms of a single "traditional" Greek instrument as in this manual. Frustrated enough by the overall dearth of morphology-related material such as this, and even more frustrated that such an important document is out of print and unavailable at the major research institutions in Greece (and in the U.S. and Canada for that matter), I have made the document available for general use. I will keep the PDF available on this page only until it is available in print once more - those close to me know that I am a huge proponent of supporting publishers through traditional financial means and by advocating against piracy of documents. Enjoy!